History, heritage and beauty

A passionate collector of greek art, a bon viveur​,​​ visits Santorini in the early '80s.​ The view, the energy​,​ ​are​ riveting. ​A great friend finds two neighbouring plots of land, perfect​,​​ but​ in absolute ruin​. Passion​, commitment​,​​ and an inspired architect turn them into a​ private hideaway, a personal paradise,​ that lasts​ for years and years. ‎

Lazy lunches under the pergola, sunsets at the belvedere, solitary reading in the living room, basil plants, pool parties‎, a ​roaming cat, friends coming, going and staying, plants being watered to the sound of opera at twilight, misty winter nights by the fireplace, loud conversations, music, and endless games of tavli, have all left their mark and given The Vasilicos​ an energy of its own, captivating and inspiring.‎ ‎‎

This is a place like no other - may you have a perfect holiday, and leave with even a fraction of the love we have for this magical ​island​.

“Shaped by the property’s history and the unique formations of the rock, The Vasilicos is run by the owners as
an elegant constellation of airy and exclusive suites.”